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Lutron Occupancy Sensors

Lutron Occupancy Sensors

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Lutron has a full line of occupancy sensors to meet all your application needs. The Lutron occupancy sensors automatically turn lights on when a room is occupied and off when a room is vacant, providing increased convenience, substantial energy savings and compliance with building energy codes

  • Why Use Lutron Occupancy Sensors?
    Wasted lighting energy is the problem
    Lighting can account for up to 50% of your building's total energy use. Read more...
  • Benefits
    Stand-Alone Benefits of Using Occupancy Sensors. Lutron occupancy sensors reduce energy consumption by automatically shutting off the lights during periods of non-use. Read more...
    Integration with Lutron Lighting Control Systems. Occupancy sensors are only one component of a larger energy saving strategy such as dimming, daylighting, and shedding. Read more...
  • Technology
    Self-Adaptive Technology. By analyzing occupancy patterns, Lutron self-adaptive occupancy sensors constantly update their time and sensitivity settings to ensure that the sensors have the greatest accuracy. Read more...
    Passive infrared (PIR). PIR technology senses occupancy by detecting the difference between heat emitted from the human body in motion and the background space. Read more...
  • Models & Selection
    This tool will help you select the right Lutron occupancy sensor for your needs. Read more...
  • More information
    Ceiling Mount Installation Guide - PDF.
  • Application Examples
    Medium-size room (approximately 1,000 sq. ft.) used for meetings and presentations. Lighting control needs: Automatic on/off control so that lights are not being used when the room is unoccupied. Read more...

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