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Lumark Lighting High Bay Lighting Info

Lumark Lighting High Bay Lighting Info

Lumark Lighting High Bay Lighting Info

As warehouses grow and aisles become taller and longer, the need has arisen for a luminaire that can deliver the horizontal punch while providing vertical uniformity. Standard aluminum high-bays can offer a very narrow distribution but their symmetric distribution produces a “scallop” effect of uneven vertical illumination. Prismatic acrylic and glass luminaires provide better vertical uniformity but at higher mounting heights it requires more luminaires to meet the horizontal luminance requirements.

The VertX aluminum reflector was designed to address the shortcomings of typical high-bay luminaires by offering an asymmetrical distribution for better vertical uniformity but with a strong downward punch to meet the high horizontal lighting requirements. Unlike traditional high-bays that produce a symmetrical distribution, the VertX was designed specifically to fit the long narrow warehouse aisles that are most common today.

This distribution allows the luminaires to be spaced further apart and deliver higher horizontal light levels versus traditional products, or use the same number and reduce the lamp wattage of luminaires for higher vertical uniformity and equivalent horizontal illumination. For the ultimate in energy and maintenance savings, combine the VertX with Cooper Lighting’s ECON electronic H.I.D. ballast and LumaWatt Hi/Lo control systems. The VertX aisle lighter is the H.I.D. solution to meet today’s challenging warehousing designs.

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