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Liton 6" Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Trims

Liton 6" Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Trims

Liton 6" Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Trims

Liton 6" Low Voltage Trim Guide
LR2657 Adj. Pull Down Trim
LR2657B Super Adj. Black
LR2657W Super Adj. White
LR2679 Pinhole Trim
LR2679B Pinhole Black
LR2679W Pinhole White
LR2697 Adjustable. Pull Down Trim
LR2697B Pull Down Black
LR2697CO Pull Down Copper
LR2697N Pull Down Natural
LR2697W Pull Down White
LR2698 Pull Down Snoot
LR2698B Adjustable Snoot Black
LR2698CO Adjustable Snoot Copper
LR2698N Adjustable Snoot Natural
LR2698W Adjustable Snoot White
LR2610 Adjustable Spot Baffle
LR2610B Adjustable Spot Black
LR2610N Adjustable Spot Natural
LR2611 Adjustable Spot Reflector
LR2611B Adjustable Snoot Black
LR2611S Adjustable Snoot Satin Haze
LR2616 Adjustable Reflector Trim
LR2616C Adjustable Reflector Clear
LR2616CO Adjustable Reflector Copper
LR2616CH Adjustable Reflector Champagne
LR2616G Adjustable Reflector Gold
LR2616S Adjustable Reflector Satin Haze
LR2616W Adjustable Reflector White LR2630 Adjustable Baffle Trim
LR2630B Adjustable Baffle Black
LR2630CO Adjustable Baffle Copper
LR2630N Adjustable Baffle Natural
LR2630W Adjustable Baffle White

LR2678 AR111 Baffle Trim
LR2678B AR111 Baffle Black
LR2678C AR111 Baffle Clear
LR2678G AR111 Baffle Gold
LR2678S  AR111 Baffle S. Haze
LR2678W AR111 Baffle White LR2677 AR111 Reflector Trim
LR2677B AR111 Reflector Black
LR2677CO AR111 Reflector Copper
LR2677MO AR111 Reflector Mocha
LR2677N AR111 Reflector Natural
LR2677W AR111 Reflector White LR2676 PAR36 Reflector Trim
LR2676B PAR36 Reflector Black
LR2676C PAR36 Reflector Clear
LR2676G PAR36 Reflector Gold
LR2676S PAR36 Reflector Satin Haze
LR2676W PAR36 Reflector White LR2675 PAR36 Baffle Trim
LR2675B PAR36 Baffle Black
LR2675CO PAR36 Baffle Copper
LR2675MO PAR36 Baffle Mocha
LR2675N PAR36 Baffle Natural
LR2675W PAR36 Baffle White LR2693 Pinhole Baffle Trim
LR2693B Baffle Black
LR2693CO Baffle Copper
LR2693MO Baffle Mocha
LR2693N Baffle Natural
LR2693W Baffle White LR2645 Wall Wash Baffle
LR2645B Wall Wash Black
LR2645CO Wall Wash Copper
LR2645MO Wall Wash Mocha
LR2645N Wall Wash Natural
LR2645W Wall Wash White LR2690 Deco Glass Pinhole
LR2690W-AM White Reflector, Amber Glass
LR2690W-BL White Reflector, Blue Glass
LR2690W-FR White Reflector, Frosted Glass
For more colors, click here LR2691 Narrow Aperture Trim
LR2691B Narrow Aperture Black
LR2691C Narrow Aperture Clear
LR2691G Narrow Aperture Gold
LR2691S Narrow Aperture Satin Haze
LR2691W Narrow Aperture White LR2625 Wall Wash Reflector
LR2625B Wall Wash Black
LR2625C Wall Wash Clear
LR2625CO Wall Wash Copper
LR2625G Wall Wash Gold
LR2625S Wall Wash S. Haze
LR2625W Wall Wash White LR2650 Adjustable Slot Trim
LR2650W Adjustable Slot White

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