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Liton 4" Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Trims

Liton 4" Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Trims

Liton 4" Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Trims

Liton 4" Low Voltage Recessed Trim Guide
LR1422 Shower Trim
LR1422W Clear Trim
LR1423 Shower Trim
LR1423W Clear Trim
LR1424 Pinhole Shower
LR1424W Clear Trim
LR1446 Deco Dome
LR1446W Dome Clear
LRQ1423 Square Dome
LRQ1423W Dome White
LRQ1424 Square Shower
LRQ1424W  Shower White
LR1403 Metal Baffle
LR1403B Baffle Black
LR1403N Baffle Natural
LR1403W Baffle White
LR1403CO Baffle Copper
LR1403MO Baffle Mocha
LR1493 Metal Baffle
LR1493B Black
LR1493N Natural
LR1493W White
LR1493CO Copper
LR1493MO Mocha
LR1467 Adjustable Pull Down
LR1467B Adjustable Black
LR1467C Adjustable Chrome
LR1467N Adjustable Natural
LR1467W Adjustable White
LR1467CO Adjustable Copper
LR1467MO Adjustable Mocha
LR1480 Adj. w Snoot
LR1480B Snoot Black
LR1480C Snoot Chrome
LR1480MO Snoot Mocha
LR1480CO Snoot Copper
LR1480N Snoot Natural
LR1480W Snoot White
LR1433 Deco Baffle
LR1433B Baffle Black
LR1433N Baffle Natural
LR1433W Baffle White
LR1433CO Baffle Copper
LR1433MO Baffle Mocha
LR1431 Shield Reflector
LR1431B Reflector Black
LR1431N Reflector Natural
LR1431W Reflector White
LR1431CO Reflector Copper
LR1431MO Reflector Mocha
LR1420 Adj. Slot Trim
LR1420N Slot Natural 
LR1420W Slot White
LR1420WW Slot 2 Lens
LR1420G Slot Gold 
LR1420MO Slot Mocha
LR1420CO Slot Copper
LR1420C Slot Chrome
LR1400 Deco Cone
LR1400B Deco Black
LR1400C Deco Clear
LR1400MO Deco Mocha
LR1400G Deco Gold
LR1400CO Deco Copper
LR1400S Deco S. Haze
LR1400W Deco White
LR1421 Reflector Trim
LR1421B Reflector Black
LR1421C Reflector Clear
LR1421MO Reflector Mocha
LR1421CH Reflector Ch. Gold
LR1421CO Reflector Copper
LR1421S Reflector Satin Haze 
LR1421W Reflector White
LR1421N Reflector Natural
LRQ1421 Square Reflector
LRQ1421B Reflector Black 
LRQ1421C Reflector Clear
LRQ1421CO Reflector Copper
LRQ1421G Reflector Gold 
LRQ1421MO Reflector Mocha 
LRQ1421S Reflector Satin Haze 
LRQ1421W Reflector White 
LRQ1421N Reflector Natural
LR1409 Adjustable Gimbal
LR1409B Gimbal Black
LR1409N Gimbal Natural
LR1409W Gimbal White
LR1409CO Gimbal Copper
LR1444 Narrow Aperture
LR1444B Narrow Black
LR1444CO Narrow Copper
LR1444W Narrow White 
LR1444G Narrow Gold
LR1444S Narrow S. Haze
LRQ1493 Square Baffle
LRQ1493B Baffle Black
LRQ1493N Baffle Natural
LRQ1493W Baffle White
LRQ1493CO Baffle Copr.
LRQ1493MO Baffle Mocha
LR1466 Adjustable Gimbal 
LR1466B Gimbal  Black
LR1466C Gimbal  Chrome
LR1466MO Gimbal  Mocha
LR1466CO Gimbal  Copper
LR1466N Gimbal  Natural
LR1466G Gimbal  Gold
LR1466W Gimbal  White
LR1481 Pull Down Reflector
LR1481B Reflector Black
LR1481N Reflector Natural
LR1481W Reflector White
LR1481CO Reflector Copper
LR1481MO Reflector Mocha
LR1471 Wall Wash Reflector
LR1471B Reflector Black
LR1471C Reflector Clear
LR1471S Reflector Satin Haze
LR1471CO Reflector Copper
LR1471W Reflector White
LR1486 Barn door Trim
LR1486B Barn door Black
LR1486C Barn door Chrome
LR1486MO Barn door Mocha
LR1486CO Barn door Copper
LR1486N Barn door Natural
LR1486W Barn door White
LR1445 Wall Wash Eyelid
LR1445B Eyelid Black
LR1445C Eyelid Clear
LR1445G Eyelid Gold
LR1445CO Eyelid Copper
LR1445S Eyelid S. Haze
LR1445W Eyelid White
LR1477 Mesh Pinhole
LR1477B Mesh Black
LR1477N Mesh Natural
LR1477W Mesh White
LR1477CO Mesh Copper
LR1477MO Mesh Mocha
LR1443 Pinhole Baffle
LR1443B Baffle Black
LR1443N Baffle Natural
LR1443W Baffle White
LR1443CO Baffle Copper
LR1443MO Baffle Mocha
LR1461 Pinhole Reflector
LR1461B Pinhole Black
LR1461C Pinhole Clear
LR1461G Pinhole Gold
LR1461CO Pinhole Copr.
LR1461MO Pinhole Mocha
LR1461S Pinhole S. Haze
LR1461W Pinhole White
LR1462 Frost Deco
LR1462B Deco Black
LR1462C Deco Clear
LR1462MO Deco Mocha
LR1462CO Deco Copper
LR1462W Deco White
LR1462G Deco Gold
LR1462S Deco S. Haze
LR1430 Wall Wash
LR1430B Wall Wash Black
LR1430CO Wall Wash Copper
LR1430S Wall Wash Satin Haze
LR1468 Multi Accessory
LR1468B Pull Down Black
LR1468W Pull Down White
LR1468N Pull Down Natural
LR1495 Wall Wash Baffle
LR1495B Baffle Black
LR1495W Baffle White
LR1495CO Baffle Copper
LR1419 Pinhole Baffle
LR1419B Pinhole Black
LR1419W Pinhole White
LR1419MO Pinhole Mocha
LR1435 Adjustable Spot
LR1435W Spot White
LR1435B Spot Black
LR1450 Deco Panel
LR1450W Deco White
LR1450G Deco Gold
LR1463 Open Cone
LR1463B Cone Black
LR1463C Cone Clear
LR1463G Cone Gold
LR1463MO Cone Mocha
LR1463CO Cone Copper
LR1463S Cone S. Haze
LR1463W Cone White
LR1401 Lensed Reflector
LR1401B Lensed Black
LR1401C Lensed Clear
LR1401CO Lensed Copper
LR1401G Lensed Gold
LR1401MO Lensed Mocha
LR1401S Lensed S. Haze
LR1401W Lensed White
LRQ1467 Adjustable Pull Down
LRQ1467B Black
LRQ1467C Chrome
LRQ1467MO Mocha
LRQ1467CO Copper
LRQ1467N Natural
LRQ1467W White
LRQ1471 Rflctr. Trim
LRQ1471B Reflector Black
LRQ1471C Reflector Clear
LRQ1471G Reflector Gold
LRQ1471CO Reflector Copper
LRQ1471S Reflector Satin Haze
LRQ1471W Reflector White
LRQ1473 Baffle Trim
LRQ1473B Baffle Black 
LRQ1473CO Baffle Copper
LRQ1473N Baffle Natural
LRQ1473W Baffle White
LR1473 Wall Wash Baffle
LR1473B Baffle Black
LR1473N Baffle Natural
LR1473W Baffle White
LR1473CO Baffle Copper
LRQ1481 Adjustable Square
LRQ1481B Black Adjustable Fixture
LRQ1481N Natural Adjustable Fixture
LRQ1481W White Adjustable Fixture
LRQ1481CO Copper Adjustable Fixture
LRQ1481MO Mocha
LR1438 Baffle Eyeball
LR1438B Eyeball Black
LR1438N Eyeball Natural
LR1438W Eyeball White
LR1438CO Eyeball Copper
LR1498 Eyeball Trim
LR1498W Eyeball White
LR1498N Eyeball Natural
LR1498G Eyeball Gold
LR1498CO Eyeball Copper 
LR1498WW White 2 Lens
LR1416 Adjustable Reflector
LR1416B Black Reflector
LR1416C Clear Reflector
LR1416S Satin Haze Reflector
LR1416CO Copper Reflector
LR1416W White Reflector
LR1484 Deep Baffle
LR1484B Baffle Black
LR1484W Baffle White

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