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Halo Track Lighting Two Circuit Track and Accessories

Halo Track Lighting Two Circuit Track and Accessories

Halo Track Lighting Two Circuit Track and Accessories

Two Circuit Track Parts and Accessories

L641- 4' Power Trac   Finish: White(L641P), Black(L641MB), Silver(L641S)
L642- 8' Power Trac   Finish:White(L642P), Black(L642MB), Silver(L642S)
L643- 12' Power Trac Finish:White(L643P), Black(L643MB), Silver(L643S)

Halo L941Halo L942

L941 Live End Connector - Finish:White(L941P), Black(L941MB)
Starts a run. Right hand polarity.

L942 Flex Joiner - Finish: White (L942P),  Black (L942MB)
Connects two track sections at any angle up to 90.

Halo L945R

L943 Straight/L Connector - Finish: White(L943P), Black(L943MB)
Connects 2 track sections end-to-end or at 90 angle. May be used as feed point.

L945R Right T Connector - Finish: White(L945RP), Black(L945RMB)
"T" connector for joining three track sections with right hand polarity.

Halo L945LHalo L946

L945L Left T Connector - Finish: White(L945LP), Black(L945LMB)
"T" connector for joining three track sections with left hand polarity.

L946 X Connector - Finish: White(L946P), Black(L946MB)
To connect four track section into a cross configuration.

Halo L947Halo L949

L947 Conduit Connector - Finish: White(L947P), Black(L947MB)
Live end connector for use with surface conduit.

L949 Mini Joiner - Finish: White(L949P), Black(L949MB)
To join two straight track sections end-to-end.

Halo L989Halo L929

L989 Conduit Continuation Kit - Finish: White(L989P), Black(L989MB)
To continue a run around obstructions. Includes one left and one right feed.

L929 Floating Canopy and Connector - Finish: White(L929P), Black(L929MB)
Can be connected anywhere along length of track.

Halo L951Halo L983

L951: Pendant Kit Wire Way Cover - Finish: White(L951P), Black(L951MB)
L983 bsp;bsp;
T-Bar Attachment Clip
L986 Mini-T Bar Clip

Halo L992Halo L994

L992: Pendant Kit Assembly Finish: White(L992P), Black(L992MB)
45 Pendant Adapter Finish: White (L994P), Black (L994MB)

Halo L992Halo L900

L48P b>48" Steel Stem
Outlet Box Cover Finish: White(L900P), Black(L900MB)

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