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GE Circuit Breaker: How to choose breaker

GE Circuit Breaker: How to choose breaker

GE Circuit Breaker: How to choose breaker

What to consider when selecting a circuit breaker

1. 1/2" or 1"?
At 1/2” wide, GE’s exclusive THQP breakers are half the width of THQL breakers, so you can save money and space by using a smaller load center. They feature the same high-performance design and meet the same stringent standards.

The 1” THQL will remain the breaker of choice for many contractors. When space and cost are not critical, they’re an excellent choice.

When size and money are driving considerations, THQP breakers are the smart choice.

THQP (1/2" Breaker)

THQL (1" Breaker)

2. 1-pole or 2-pole?
Most circuits require only a 1-pole circuit breaker. That includes lighting, standard outlets and most other applications. For 240-volt applications – clothes dryers, electric ranges, hot tubs and larger air conditioners, for example – you’ll need a 2-pole breaker.

1-Pole Breaker

2-Pole Breaker

3. What amp rating is required?

A circuit breaker protects the circuit (or wire) between the breaker and the electrical load. It uses a magnetic element (instantaneous unit) to protect against short circuits and a thermal element (bimetal strip) to protect against overloads. It also provides a way to turn a circuit off.

When designing an electrical circuit, the wire is sized to the load it will feed, and the circuit breaker is sized to protect the wire (see table below). Generally, this means that lighting and outlets will call for 15 or 20 amp breakers. Larger motors and air conditioners, clothes dryers and hot water heaters will typically require a 30 amp breaker, while an electric range may need a 50 amp breaker.

Circuit Breaker Amp Rating Wire Size
Copper Aluminum or Copper-Clad Aluminum
15 No. 14 No. 12
20 No. 12 No. 10
30 No. 10 No. 8
40 No. 8 No. 8
50 No. 6 No. 4
60 No. 6 No. 4
70 No. 4 No. 3
80 No. 3 No. 2
90 No. 2 No. 1
100 No. 1 1/0
110 No. 1 1/0
125 1/0 2/0
150 1/0 3/0
175 2/0 4/0
200 3/0 250 MCM
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