SunTouch 81002268 Electric Floor Heater 40 Sq. Ft. Area Coverage 3 x 13 ft 4 in. Tape Mat, 480W 2 Amp @ 240V

SunTouch 81002268 Electric Floor Heater 40 Sq. Ft. Area Coverage 3 x 13 ft 4 in. Tape Mat, 480W 2 Amp @ 240VClick to Enlarge
SunTouch 81002268 Electric Floor Heater 40 Sq. Ft. Area Coverage 3 x 13 ft 4 in. Tape Mat, 480W 2 Amp @ 240V
Item# SunTouch-81002268

Product Description

SunTouch TapeMats are a series resistance heating cable assembly installed over plywood, backer board, or concrete slab (according to ANSI or TCNA guidelines), and then embedded in 3/8" (9.5 mm) or greater self-leveling or polymer-modified thin-set mortar.

Coverage Area 40 square feet - 3 ft x 13 ft 4 in. (W x L)
Supply Voltage 240VAC, 1-phase
Amp Draw 240VAC: 1 amp per 20 sf.
Maximum Circuit Load 20 amps (15 amps with SunStat Control)
Wire Spacing 2-1/2" (63.5 mm) o.c.
Maximum Allowable Temperature 194F (90C) Continuously
EMF Less than 1 milligauss at 1/2"(12.7 mm) above surface.
Heating Elements Oxygen-free copper or nickel-copper
Insulation ETFE Fluoropolymer
Ground Braid Tin-coated copper
Double-Sided Tape 3/4" (19 mm) wide, installedalong both edges of mat.
Minimum Allowable Bend Radius 1/2" (12.7 mm)
Watt Density 12 W/sf
Minimum Polymer-modified Thinset 3/8" (9.5 mm)
Allowable Substrate AllowableSubstrate
Backer board over wood subfloor
Polymer-modified setting bed over wood subfloor
Polymer-modified setting bed over concrete slab
Thin slab/self-leveling concrete over wood subfloor
Thin slab/self-leveling concrete over concrete slab
Allowable Floor Coverings Tile/Stone, Carpet, Hardwood


  • Mats are easy to customize to fit rooms of all shapes and sizes.
  • Easily cut mats to move around corners and turns.
  • Mats lays out flatter for easier troweling with the pre-attached double-sided tape.


  • Completely safe for home use.
  • Radiant Electric Emissions Test (REET) verified.


  • Power leads and heating elements are fully grounded from end to end.
  • Heating elements are manufactured with a braided twin-wire design and shielded to reduce electromagnetic fields (EMF) to ultra-low levels.

For Suntouch TapeMat specification sheet, click here - PDF
For Suntouch TapeMat brochure, click here - PDF


Do NOT install SunTouch below vinyl, carpet, or wood flooring without first embedding it in a polymer-modified cement-based or gypsum-based mortar, per UL requirements.
Do NOT place SunTouch heating wires in contact with chemical based glues or adhesives.

SunTouch TapeMat Controller
SunTouch TapeMat 240V Floor Heater
SunTouch TapeMat Floor Heater
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