Order Processing

Order Processing

Electricsuppliesonline.com Order Processing Procedures

Due to the high volume of orders, at Electricsuppliesonline.com we have a set of order processing procedures that have been set in place to ensure proper handling of every orders. This results in a 100% customer satisfaction and a timely delivery. Here is a brief explanation of our order processing procedures.

Once the order has been placed, the customer will receive an automatic E-mail confirmation of the order they have just placed.

The order number will be on the title of the e-mail confirmation.
(example: "order electricsupplieson-line-12345 from ElectricSuppliesOnline.com". Your order number will be 12345)

Note: if you do not get this E-mail confirmation the order has not been placed.

Please make sure to check your e-mail spam box. Due to high volume of sent e-mails, some Electricsuppliesonline's corresponding e-mails end up in spam box.

  • Customer credit card authorization is verified with the issuing bank automatically. (If there are any problems the customer will be notified immediately).

Note: Authorization amount will be the total order amount + $20.00. The extra $20.00 is only an authorization. It is not a charge on the credit card account. We authorize this extra amount for the following reasons:

  • The customer upgrades the shipping method $20.00 in value.
  • The customer adds more items to the order $20.00 in value.
  • The customer calls in an adder to their order. For example light bulb for a lighting fixture.

Please note that the extra $20.00 is only an authorization and is not a charge on the credit card. If we do not get the approval for the extra $20.00, the whole order needs to be cancelled and reordered again.

  • Our cut-off time for order processing is 12:00 PM EST / 9:00 AM PST, Monday through Friday. Orders received thereafter will be processed the following business day
  • Our order fill ratio is at 85%. In stock item will be processed and shipped the same day.
  • If there is any backordered items, customer will be notified via email.  Read more...

  • it is Electricsuppliesonline.com policy that we only charge our customer credit card once the order is ready to ship.
  • After the customer credit card is charged, customer will be e-mail the tracking number of the shipment. Please allow 3-24 hours for the tracking number to be registered at one of the following websites: www.ups.com, www.usps.com or www.fedex.com.

  • We use UPS / USPS / Fedex for shipping. Daily Pickups are made by UPS, USPS and Fedex at around 3:00 PM PST daily.
  • You can track your package by going to the following sites www.ups.com, www.usps.com or www.fedex.com.