Lightolier MHPWHISAL Multiset Pro 3-Speed 1.5A 120V Fan Speed Control with Heat Sink, Almond

Lightolier MHPWHISAL Multiset Pro 3-Speed 1.5A 120V Fan Speed Control with Heat Sink, AlmondClick to Enlarge
Lightolier MHPWHISAL Multiset Pro 3-Speed 1.5A 120V Fan Speed Control with Heat Sink, Almond
Item# Lightolier-MHPWHISAL

Product Description

The Whispurr Fan Control is a 3-speed quiet digital wallbox fan control for permanently installed fan motors up to 1.5 amp. The unit is equipped with an LED readout, providing full-function, 3-way and multi-location speed control when used with Lightolier® channel remotes.

Features and Benefits
• LED readouts, including:
- A soft green LED which indicates the current preset
- A bright green LED which indicates the current speed
- A glowing red LED which indicates that the fan control is off
• Power failure memory—a feature that returns the fan control to the speed the unit held before the power failure occurred
• Full-Function, MultiSet Pro Channel Remotes take control of one individual device from multiple locations and permit total dimming capabilities. To purchase Multiset Pro Remote Dimmer, click here.
• Full-Function, MultiSet Pro Channel Masters take control of up to four devices from multiple locations and permit full-function dimming capabilities. To purchase Multiset Pro Master Control, click here.
• Full-function MultiSet Pro™ permits total control of up to 30 fan controls, dimmers, and masters on the network. In addition, MultiSet Pro™ allows up to 13 presets. MultiSet Pro™ devices are not phase sensitive.
• As an individual device, all fan controls have the capability to recall two presets – a user-selected speed and full speed.
• Manual override, allows the fan speed to be adjusted without affecting the preset speed(s), including full speed.
• Automatic 5-second high-speed kickstart on startup to minimize the possibility of motor stall.
• Quiet electronics for virtually silent operation.
• Identical in appearance to MultiSet Pro™/Onset dimmers and switches.
• MultiSet Pro™ fan controls are capable of 2-way communication between the master control station and the fan control so that the system On/Off status is always known.

Specification Sheet - PDF
Installation Manual - PDF

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