Elco 4" Line Voltage Recessed Lighting Trim EL915CP Shower Trim with Frosted Pinhole Glass, Copper

Elco 4" Line Voltage Recessed Lighting Trim EL915CP Shower Trim with Frosted Pinhole Glass, CopperClick to Enlarge
Elco 4" Line Voltage Recessed Lighting Trim EL915CP Shower Trim with Frosted Pinhole Glass, Copper
Item# Elco-EL915CP

Product Description

Elco 4" Line Voltage Recessed Lighting Trim EL915CP Shower Trim with Frosted Pinhole Glass, Copper

-Shower trim with frosted pinhole glass
-Lamp: A19 40W, R20 30W
- 4 3/4" O.D.

For All Available Trim Colors Please Refer To The Highlighted Section Below.

More 4" Line Voltage Recessed Trim Selections

Frosted Stepped Glass Trim
EL953BL Stepped Glass Blue
Open Trim
EL930W Open Trim White
Airtight Smooth Cone Trim
EL901W Airtight Cone White
Drop Lens Shower Trim
EL996W Shower Trim White
Stepped Round Trim
EL941B Round Trim Black
EL941W Round Trim White
Adj. Spot Cylinder Trim
EL955B Adj. Cylinder Black
EL955W Adj. Cylinder White
Adj. Deep Baffle Gimbal
EL934WB Gimbal  White/Black
EL934WW Gimbal Baffle White
EL934BB Gimbal w Baffle Black
Frosted Glass Trim
EL952W Frosted Trim White
EL952R Frosted Trim Red
EL952BL Frosted Trim Blue
Rflctr. Frosted Shower Trim
EL9113W Shower Trim White
EL9113BZ Shower Trim Bronze
EL9113CP Shower Trim Copper
Wall Wash Trim
EL992B  Wall Wash Black
EL992W Wall Wash White
EL992KW W/ Socket, White
Ad. Spot Cylinder Trim
EL988B Adj. Cylinder Black
EL988W Adj. Cylinder White
EL988BW Cylinder Black/White
EL988G Adj. Cylinder Gold
Pinhole Trim
EL990BZ Pinhole Bronze
EL990CP Pinhole Copper
EL990W Pinhole White
EL990N Pinhole Natural
Shower Trim w Albalite Lens
EL914B Shower Trim Black
EL914BZ Shower Trim Bronze
EL914CP Shower Trim Copper
EL914W Shower Trim White
EL914G Shower Trim Gold
Drop Opal Shower Trim
EL916B Shower Trim Black
EL916BZ Shower Trim Bronze
EL916C Shower Trim Clear
EL916G Shower Trim Gold
EL916W Shower Trim White
Stepped Phenolic Deep Baffle Trim
EL994DB Phenolic Baffle Black
EL994DW Phenolic Baffle White
EL994B Phenolic Baffle Black
EL994W Phenolic Baffle White
EL994BG Phenolic  Black/Gold
Lampholder Bracket
EL995B Lmphldr. Baffle Black
EL995N Lmphldr. Baffle Natural
EL995W Lmphldr. Baffle White
EL995BZ Lmphldr. Baffle Bronze
EL995CP Lmphldr. Baffle Copper
Frosted Lens Shower Trim
EL9112C Shower Trim Clear
EL9112W Shower Trim White
EL9112B Shower Trim Black
EL9112G Shower Trim Gold
EL9112BZ Shower Trim Bronze
EL9112CP Shower Trim Copper
Drop Opal Lens Shower Trim
EL9116W Drop Lens White
EL9116B Drop Lens Black
EL9116CP Drop Lens Copper
EL9116C Drop Lens Clear
EL9116G Drop Lens Gold
EL9116BZ Drop Lens Bronze
Frosted Lens w Ring Shower
EL912B Frosted Trim Black
EL912BZ Frosted Trim Bronze
EL912CP Frosted Trim Copper
EL912C Frosted Trim Chrome
EL912G Frosted Trim Gold
EL912N Frosted Trim Natural
EL912W FrostedTrim White
Frosted Pinhole Glass Trim 
EL915BZ Glass Trim Bronze
EL915CP Glass Trim Copper
EL915N Glass Trim Natural
EL915W Glass Trim White
EL915B Glass Trim Black
EL915C Glass Trim Clear
EL915G Glass Trim Gold
Suspended Glass Chrome Rflctr
EL926W Frosted Glass White
EL926B Frosted Glass Black
EL926C Frosted Glass Clear
EL926G Frosted Glass Gold
EL926N Frosted Glass Natural
Eyeball Trim
EL998C Eyeball Trim Clear
EL998B Eyeball Trim Black
EL998G Eyeball Trim Gold
EL998N Eyeball Trim Natural
Rflctr. w Gimbal Ring
EL977C Rflctr. w Gimbal Clear
EL977W Rflctr. w Gimbal White
EL977G Rflctr. w Gimbal Gold
EL977B Rflctr. w Gimbal Black
Wall Wash Trim w Rflctr.
EL925C Wall Wash Trim Clear
EL925G Wall Wash Trim Gold
Adjustable Gimbal Ring
EL985W Adj. Gimbal White
EL985B Adj. Gimbal Black
EL985N Adj. Gimbal Natural
EL985BZ Adj. Gimbal Bronze
EL985CP Adj. Gimbal Copper
Rflctr. Trim
EL999G Rflctr. Trim Gold
EL999C Rflctr. Trim Clear
EL999B Rflctr. Trim Black
EL999W Rflctr. Trim White
EL999CN Clear, Natural Ring
EL999GG Rflctr. Trim Gold
Rflctr. Trim
EL999GG Rflctr.Trim Gold
EL999GN Gold, Natural Ring
EL999CP Rflctr.Trim Copper
EL999BZ Rflctr.Trim Bronze
EL999GCP Gold, Copper Ring
EL999GBZ Gold, Bronze Ring
Phenolic Step Baffle Trim
EL993B Phenolic Baffle Black
EL993MB Metal Baffle Black
EL993W Step Baffle White
EL993N Step Baffle Natural
EL993WN White, Natural Ring
Phenolic Step Baffle Trim
EL993NW Natural Baffle White Ring
EL993MW Step Baffle White
EL993KB w/ Lampholder Black
EL993KW w/ Lampholder White
EL993KN w/ Lampholder Natural
Phenolic Step Baffle Trim
EL993BG Black Baffle Gold Ring
EL993BC Black Baffle Clear Ring
EL993CP Step Baffle Copper
EL993BZ Step Baffle Bronze
EL993BB Black Baffle & Ring

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